White Prom Dress ~ Prom Dress Guide for Prom Dresses 2009
Prom Dress Guide for Prom Dresses 2009: White Prom Dress

Friday, June 26, 2009

White Prom Dress

White is the eternal color of graciousness, purity, serenity, peace, calm and glamour. Like black it is a versatile color upon which any kind of work can be done. It could be what is known as white upon white or varied other colors, which maybe the bright and vibrant ones or then lighter pastel shades. White is the perfect background!

The white prom dress is as popular as the black ones. This is because as mentioned above it is a versatile color. White fabrics and material can be designed into innumerable styles. You could wear a white satin skirt with a blouse made from lace of the same color with diamante work. Along with this you could wear white or silver sandals and carry a small white pouch. As far as the jewelry goes, you could wear any color precious stones, preferably set in silver or white gold. And you could leave your hair lose or tie it up, either ways it looks nice.

Many people consider white to be a casual color to be worn during the day. Well, it all depends on the fabric or material being used for the dress. A cotton or polyester white prom dress is mainly for daytime. For a prom dress you require fabric with a shimmer and some work done on it. Though you can have colorful beads or embroidery work, white stones and threads should be played with. This makes the dress look sophisticated and glamorous.

In fact the white prom dress is probably the most common color after black and pink. Ideally with this color your make up should have some silver glitter and should be in frosty shades. Avoid earth tones and go in for pinks, purples or reds as far as make up is concerned. The jewelry you wear should be set in silver. Silver brings a classic flavoring to the white prom dress.

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